​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2017 CLOSURE OF REGISTER - DIVIDENDS AND BONUSES ​​

Compan​yDividend/shareBonusClosure of RegisterAGM DatePayment Date
Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc5 KoboNil 3rd January 20177th March 20179th March 2017
Neimeth Int'l Pharmaceuticals PlcNil 1 for 1031st January 20177th February 2017N/A
Vitafoam Plc 12 Kobo Nil 13th – 17th February 20172nd March 20179th March 2017
Stanbic IBTC ETF 3035 KoboNil 23rd January 2017N/A6th February 2017
Greif Nigeria Plc60 KoboNil 22nd – 24th March 201721st April 20175th May 2017
United Capital Plc50 KoboNil 3rd – 6th March 201717th March 201722nd March 2017
Nigerian Breweries Plc258 KoboNil 9th – 15th March 20173rd May 20174th May 2017
Transcorp Hotels Plc40 Kobo Nil 8th March 201715th March 201716th March 2017
Africa Prudential Registrars Plc30 KoboNil 6th March 201728th March 201728th March 2017
Zenith Bank Plc177 KoboNil 13th March 201722nd March 201723rd March 2017
Dangote Cement Plc850 KoboNil 15th – 19th May 201724th May 201726th May 2017
Nestle Nigeria Plc1000 KoboNil 8th – 12th May 201723rd May 201724th May 2017
Access Bank Plc40 KoboNil 14th March 201729th March 201729th March 2017
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc175 KoboNil 29th March 20177th April 20177th April 2017
Total Oil Nigeria Plc700 KoboNil 17th – 21st April 20179th June 201712th June 2017
Lafarge Africa Plc105 KoboNil 23rd – 29th May 20177th June 20177th June 2017
Custodian and Allied Plc18 KoboNil 18th – 21st April 20173rd May 20173rd May 2017
MRS Oil Nigeria Plc173 KoboNil 26th – 30th June 201725th July 201726th July 2017
United Bank for Africa Plc55 KoboNil 3rd April 20177th April 201710th April 2017

Last U​​​pdated: March 27​​, 2017​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



CompanyDividend/share​BonusClosure of RegisterAGM DatePayment Date
Vitafoam Plc 25 kobo Nil 15th – 19th February 20162nd March 201614th March 2016
Forte Oil Plc345 kobo Nil 18th – 21st April 201622nd April 201629th April 2016
Nigerian Breweries Plc360 koboNil3rd – 9th March 201611th May 201612th May 2016
Greif Nigeria Plc60 Kobo Nil 22nd – 24th March 201628th April 20166th May 2016
Dangote Cement Plc800 KoboNil 11th – 15th April 201619th April 201621st April 2016
Africa Prudential Registrars Plc43 KoboNil 23rd – 29th March 201612th April 201613th April 2016
Wapic Insurance Plc3 Kobo Nil 23rd March 20165th April 20165th April 2016
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc152 KoboNil 29th March 20165th April 20165th April 2016
United Bank for Africa Plc40 KoboNil 30th March – 5th April 20168th April 201612th April 2016
Zenith Bank Plc155 KoboNil 29th March 20166th April 20166th April 2016
Nestle Nigeria Plc1900 KoboNil 9th – 13th May 201623rd May 201624th May 2016
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nigeria Plc30 KoboNil 26th May 201623rd June 201624th June 2016
AXA Mansard Insurance Plc2 KoboNil 29th April 201613th May 201613th May 2016
Access Bank Plc30 KoboNil 13th April 201627th April 201627th April 2016
Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc50 KoboNil 4th – 8th April 201620th April 201620th April 2016
United Capital Plc35 KoboNil 31st March 201614th April 201618th April 2016
Ashaka Cement Plc15 KoboNil 26th April 201610th May 201611th May 2016
Lafarge Africa Plc300 Kobo1 for 10 16th – 22nd June 201627th June 201627th June 2016
Sterling Bank Plc9 KoboNil 4th April 201619th April 201619th April 2016
Paints and Coatings Man. Plc5 KoboNil 6th April 201625th May 201625th May 2016
Transnationwide Express Plc10 KoboNil 11th – 15th July 201621st July 20165th August 2016
Transcorp Hotels Plc40.85 KoboNil 5th April 201615th April 201618th April 2016
Unilever Nigeria Plc5 KoboNil 11th - 15th April 201612th May 201613th May 2016
Julius Berger Nigeria Plc150 KoboNil 31st May – 3rd June 201616th June 201617th June 2016
Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc720 KoboNil 28th – 30th April 201625th May 20161st June 2016
FCMB Group Plc10 KoboNil 13th – 19th April 201629th April 20162nd May 2016
Nign Aviation Handling Co. Plc20 KoboNil 6th - 10th June, 201626th July, 201626th July, 2016
Transnational Corp. of Nig PlcNil 1 for 2014th – 19th April 201629th April 2016N/A
Fidelity Bank Plc16 KoboNil 18th – 22nd April 20165th May, 20165th May, 2016
Berger Paints Nigeria Plc75 KoboNil 4th May 20169th June, 201613th June, 2016
UACN Plc100 koboNil 16th – 20th May 20168th June 20169th June 2016
MRS Oil Nigeria Plc110 KoboNil 11th – 15th July 20164th August 20165th August 2016
Custodian & Allied Plc14 KoboNil 14th – 20th April 20163rd May 20163rd May 2016
Total Oil Nigeria Plc1200 KoboNil 18th – 22nd April 201610th June 201613th June 2016
AIICO Insurance Plc5 KoboNil 25th - 29th April 20165th May 20166th May 2016
Aluminium Extrusion Ind. Plc8.5 KoboNil 30th May – 3rd June  201615th July 201618th July 2016
NASCON Allied Industries Plc55 KoboNil 12th - 13th May 201619th May 201623rd May 2016
Regency Alliance Ins. Plc3 KoboNil 22nd – 28th April 201626th May 201627th May 2016
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Plc3 KoboNil 22nd April 201610th May 201616th May 2016
Continental Reinsurance Plc12 KoboNil 18th – 22nd July 201627th July 201628th July 2016
May & Baker Nigeria Plc6 KoboNil 18th – 22nd April 201626th May 20166th June 2016
Seplat Pet. Dev. Co. Plc4 centsNil 20th May 20161st June 20169th June 2016
McNichols Consolidated Plc5 Kobo1 for 10 16th June 201621st July 201625th July 2016
Ecobank Transnational Inc.0.2 CentsNil 19th July 201617th June 20162nd August 2016
Okomu Oil Palm Co. Plc10 KoboNil 10th – 13th May 201621th June 201627th June 2016
FBN Holdings Plc15 KoboNil 9th – 13th May 201626th May 201630th May 2016
NPF Microfinance Bank Plc15 KoboNil 11th – 15th July 20163rd August 20164th August 2016
NEM Insurance Plc6 KoboNil 23rd – 27 May 20168th June 20168th June 2016
International Brew. Plc35 KoboNil 18th – 22nd July 20169th August 201611th August 2016
eTranzact International Plc10 KoboNil 1st – 7th June 20161st July 20168th July 2016
Beta Glass Plc40 KoboNil 13th – 17th June 201630th June 20161st July 2016
BOC Gases Nigeria Plc5 KoboNil 3rd – 10th June 201616th June 201620th June 2016
Cement Co. of Northern Nig. Plc10 KoboNil 4th – 8th July 20168th September 201613th September 2016
Eterna Plc25 KoboNil22nd – 24th November 2016 8th December 201612th December 2016
Fortis Microfinance Bank PlcNil 1 for 113th – 17th June 2016 30th June 2016N/A
CAP Plc120 KoboNil 31st May – 6th June 201616th June 201617th June 2016
C & I Leasing Plc4 KoboNil 10th – 16th June 201616th June 201616th June 2016
Cadbury Nigeria Plc65 KoboNil 27th June – 1st July 2016 19th July 201620th July 2016
Presco Plc100 KoboNil 4th – 6th July 201620th July 201621st July 2016
Niger Insurance Plc3.5 KoboNil 18th July – 22nd July 2016 26th July 201628th July 2016
A.G. Leventis (Nigeria) Plc10 KoboNil22nd – 26th August 20168th September 20169th September 2016
Consolidated Hallmark Insur. Plc1 KoboNil 9th – 13 May 201624th May 201624th May 2016
Seven-Up Bottling Company Plc160 KoboNil 18th – 29th July 201628th September 201628th September 2016
Red Star Express Plc35 KoboNil 27th – 29th July 201618th August 20161st September 2016
Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc100 KoboNil 8th – 12th August 20168st September 201612st September 2016
GlaxoSmithKline (Special Div)60 KoboNil 3rd October 2016N/A12th October 2016
Nig. Enamelware Plc45 KoboNil 24th – 28th October 201624th November 201628th November 2016
Pharma Deko (Interim Div)15 KoboNil 12th August 2016N/A16st September 2016
Custodian and Allied Plc (Interim)7 KoboNil 22nd – 26th August 2016N/A1st September 2016
ABC Transport Plc2 KoboNil 8th – 12th August 201619th August 20165th September 2016
Total Oil Nigeria Plc (Interim)300 KoboNil 22nd – 26th August 2016N/A6th September 2016
UnityKapital Assur. Plc (Interim)1.5 KoboNil 15th – 19th August 2016N/A22nd August 2016
Cutix Plc14 KoboNil 10th – 14th October 201621st October 201614th November 2016
Zenith Bank Plc (Interim)25 KoboNil 23rd August 2016N/A

26th September 2016 (for ord. shareholders)

2nd September 2016 (for GDR holders)


Smart Products Plc26 KoboNil 27th June  201626th July 201611th August 2016
Triple Gee & Co. Plc3 KoboNil 23rd – 30th September 201612th October 201619th October 2016
PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc50 KoboNil 19th – 23rd September 20166th October 20167th October 2016
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (Interim)25 KoboNil 1st September 2016N/A9th September 2016
Access Bank Plc (Interim)25 KoboNil 6th September 2016N/A13th September 2016
United Bank for Africa Plc (Interim)20 KoboNil 12th - 16th September 2016N/A19th September 2016
Conoil Plc300 KoboNil 3rd – 7th October 201628th October 20167th November 2016
Fidson Healthcare Plc5 KoboNil 26th – 30th September 201619th October 201621st October 2016
Guinness Nigeria Plc50 KoboNil 17th October 201623rd November 201624th November 2016
Total Oil Nigeria Plc (Interim)700 KoboNil 21st – 25th November 2016N/A5th December 2016
Nigerian Breweries (Interim)100 KoboNil 17th – 23rd November 2016N/A24th November 2016
UPDC REIT (Interim)23 KoboNil 1st December 2016N/A15th December 2016
Nigerian Energy Sector Fund5100 KoboNil 1st December 2016N/A15th December 2016
SIM Capital Alliance Value Fund1000 KoboNil 16th December 201622nd December 201628th December 2016
Vetiva Griffin ETF 30 (Interim)15 KoboNil 13th December 2016N/A16th December 2016
Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc5 KoboNil 3rd January 2017To be AdvisedThree working Days after the AGM
Neimeth Int'l Pharmaceuticals PlcNil 1 for 1031st January 20177th February 2017N/A
​Vitafoam Plc​12 kobo​Nil​13th – 17th February 2017​2nd March 2017​9th March 2017

Last U​​pdated: January 10, 2017​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


CompanyDividendBonusClosure of RegisterAGM DatePayment Date
Nigerian Breweries PlcN3.50Nil 5th - 11th March 201513th May 201514th May 2015
Forte Oil PlcN2.501 for 51st – 7th April 2015​​​​ 15th April 201522nd April 2015
Nestle NigeriaN17.50Nil 27th April 201511th May 201512th May 2015
Greif Nigeria Plc                 60 kobo             Nil         25th - 27th March 201528th April 20155th May 2015
Guaranty Bank Plc        N1.50 (final)              Nil            17th March 2015         31st March 2015         31st March 2015
Zenith Bank Plc                  N1.75             Nil            16th - 20th March 201526th March 201527th March 2015
Neimeth Nil Nil 18th – 20th March 201524th March 2015N/A
Africa Prudential Registrars35 koboNil 18th – 20th March 20158th April 201510th April 2015
United Capital Plc20 koboNil 23rd – 27th March 201516th April 201520th April 2015
Lafarge Africa PlcN3.60Nil 27th April – 1st May 201522nd May 201525th May 2015
Access Bank35 kobo (final)Nil 24th April 20157th May 20157th May 2015
Transcorp Hotels37 koboNil 30th March 201515th April 201517th April 2015
PZ Cussons Nigeria (interim)20 koboNil 30th March 2015N/A7th April 2015
FCMB Group Plc25 koboNil 30th March 201523rd April 201524th April 2015
Julius Berger Nigeria PlcN2.70Nil 1st June 201517th June 201518th June 2015
Mobil Oil PlcN6.60Nil 29th April 201528th May 20154th June 2015
Livestock Feeds Plc10 koboNil 28th May 201517th June 201518th June 2015
Sterling Bank Plc6 koboNil 13th April 201530th April 201530th April 2015
United Bank for Africa Plc10 koboNil 7th – 9th April  201524th April 201527th April 2015
Unilever 10 koboNil 13th April 201512th May 201515th May 2015
NAHCO20 kobo1 for 1018th – 22nd May 201511th June 201511th June 2015
Fidson Healthcare15 kobo Nil 5th – 9th October 201514th October 201516th October 2015
Dangote CementN6.00Nil 20th April 201529th April 201530th April 2015
Total Oil Nigeria N9.00Nil 20th April 201510th June 201512th June 2015
Trans-Nationwide Express10 koboNil 13th July 201523rd July 20157th August 2015
McNichols 4 kobo1 for 1017th July 201523rd July 201527th July 2015
Cadbury 65 koboNil 11th – 15th May 201510th June 201511th June 2015
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank3 koboNil 17th April 201514th May 201515th May 2015
Glaxo SmithKline75 kobo1 for 414th May 201511th June 201512th June 2015
Caverton 10 koboNil 23rd April 20156th May 20156th May 2015
Berger Paints75 koboNil15th – 17th June 201521st July 201523rd July 2015
Fidelity Bank18 koboNil 20th – 24th April 20157th May 20157th May 2015
Custodian and Allied12 koboNil 13th – 17th April 201513th May 201514th May 2015
Diamond Bank10 koboNil 16th – 17th April 201530th April 20154th May 2015
CAP85 koboNil 1st – 5th June 201518th June 201519th June 2015
MRS Oil88 koboNil 13th – 17th July 20155th August 20156th August 2015
CCNN35 koboNil 20th – 24th July 201513th August 201518th August 2015
Okomu 25 koboNil 18th – 22nd May 201524th June 201529th June 2015
Learn Africa12 koboNil 11th – 15th May 20154th June 20155th June 2015
Ashaka Cement45 koboNil 21st April 20155th May 20156th May 2015
Beta Glass62 koboNil 15th June 20159th July 201510th July 2015
BOC Gases10 koboNil 15th May 201511th June 201515th June 2015
Stanbic IBTC Holdings15 koboNil 14th April 20153rd June 20155th June 2015
Chams 2 koboNil 20th April 201529th April 201511th May 2015
UACN175 koboNil 6th – 10th July 201523rd September 201524th September 2015
FBN Holdings10 kobo 1 for 104th May 201521st May 201525th May 2015
Transcorp 6 koboNil 22nd April 20158th May 201511th May 2015
UACN Prop. Development 50 koboNil 10th – 14th August 20151st September 20152nd September 2015
Seplat Petroleum$0.09 dollar/naira exchange rate as at 21 May 2015Nil 22nd May 20152nd June 201510th June 2015
May & Baker5 koboNil 20th – 24th April 201528th May 20158th June 2015
Aluminium Extrusion8.5 koboNil 26th June – 10th July10th July 201513th July 2015
Dangote Sugar40 koboNil 28th – 30th April 201522nd May 201522nd May 2015 (25th May 2015 for those without e-mandate)
ETINil 1 for 1522nd July 201519th June 2015N/A
Cornerstone Insurance2 koboNil 6th – 10th July 201521st July 201525th July 2015
Vitafoam 30 kobo1 for 520th – 22nd May 20154th June 20159th June 2015
Continental Reinsurance 11 koboNil 20th – 24th July 201530th July 201531st July 2015
NPF Microfinance Bank15 koboNil 1st – 5th June 201523rd July 201524th July 2015
Smart Products 25 koboNil 3rd – 10th July 201530th July 201511th August 2015
eTranzact International5 koboNil 22nd – 26th June 201523rd July 20156th August 2015
National Salt50 koboNil 25th – 26th May 201510th June 201512th June 2015
Skye BankNil 1 for 2021st May 20158th June 2015N/A
International Breweries25 koboNil 20th – 25th July 201510th August 201511th August 2015
Airline Services & Logistics15 koboNil 15th – 19th June 20152nd July 20153rd July 2015
C & I Leasing8 koboNil 15th – 19th June 201525th June 20157th July 2015
Presco 100 koboNil 6th – 8th July 201522nd July 201527th July 2015
Niger Insurance3.5 koboNil13th – 17th July 201522nd July 201529th July 2015
NEM Insurance6 koboNil 6th – 10th July 201529th July 201531st July 2015
Academy PressNil 1 for 53rd – 7th August 201517th September 2015N/A
Seven Up Bottling Co.275 koboNil 13th – 17th July 201522nd September 201529th September 2015
Stanbic IBTC (Interim)90 koboNil 31st July 20156th August 2015 (EGM) 28th August 2015
Royal Exchange2 koboNil 13th – 17th July 201530th July 20153rd August 2015
Courteville (Interim)4 koboNil 10th August 2015N/A31st August 2015
Honeywell Flour Mills5 koboNil 14th – 18th September 201529th September 201530th September 2015
Red Star Express35 koboNil 5th – 7th August 20153rd September 201514th September 2015
Africa Prudential (Interim)17 koboNil 19th – 24th August 2015N/A31st August 2015
Northern Nigeria Flour Mills30 koboNil 10th - 14th August 20158th September 201514th September 2015
Consolidated Hallmark (Interim)2 koboNil 10th – 14th August 2015N/A27st August 2015
Flour Mills of Nigeria 210 koboNil 10th – 14th August 20159th September 201514th September 2015
Triple Gee4 koboNil 25th – 30th September 201515th October 201519th October 2015
AXA Mansard (Interim)3 koboNil 14th October 2015N/A26th October 2015
Custodian & Allied (Interim)6 koboNil 17th – 21st August 2015 N/A15th September 2015
SCOA Nigeria7.5 koboNil 25th – 28th August 201517th September 201524th September 2015
Cutix 12 koboNil 19th – 23rd October 201530th October 201519th November 2015
Zenith Bank (Interim)25 koboNil 24th August 2015N/A28th August 2015
Guaranty Trust Bank (Interim)25 koboNil 8th September 2015N/A21st September 2015
Access Bank (Interim)25 koboNil 3rd September 2015N/A10th September 2015
University Press20 koboNil 1st - 4th September 201530th September 20152nd October 2015
PZ Cussons61 koboNil 14th – 18th September 201529th September 201530th September 2015
Nigerian Enamelware45 KoboNil 7th – 11th September 201529th September 20152nd October 2015
United Bank for Africa (Interim)20 KoboNil 10th – 11th September 2015N/A16th September 2015
Guinness Nigeria 320 KoboNil 12th October 201526th November 201527th November 2015
Conoil 100 KoboNil 28th Sept – 2nd Oct 201523rd October 20152nd November 2015
Rak Unity30 KoboNil 21st – 27th October 201530th October 20152nd November 2015
Nigerian Breweries (interim)120 KoboNil 12th – 18th November 2015N/A19th November 2015
CAP Plc (interim) 115 KoboNil 23rd – 27th November 2015N/A15th December 2015
Seplat Pet. Dev. Co. (interim)4 cents (N7.96)Nil 30th October 2015N/A17th November 2015
Nestle Nigeria (interim)1000 KoboNil 23rd November 2015N/A7th December 2015
Total Nigeria Plc (Interim)200 KoboNil 30th November 2015N/A14th December 2015
SIM Capital Alliance100 koboNil 15th December 201517th December 201529th December 2015
​Nigeria Energy Sector Fund​N35.00​Nil​4th January 2016​N/A​15th January 2016

Last U​​pdated: Tuesday, December 29​​​​​​, 201​​​​​​​​​​​​5​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



​​ Compan​​​y Dividend Bonus Closure AGM date Payment Date
A.G. Leventis 16 kobo Nil 5th – 9th May 2014 18th September 2014 19th September 2014
ABC Transport 6 kobo 1 for 10 11th – 15th August 2014 29th August 2014 12th Sept. 2014
​​​Access Bank (Interim)​25 koboNil​9th September, 201423rd September, 2014
Access Bank 35 kobo Nil 17th April 2014 30th April 2014 30th April 2014
Academy Press ​8 kobo ​Nil ​30th Sept – 9th Oct 2014 ​16th October, 20143rd November, 2014
Africa Prudential Registrars 35 kobo Nil 17th – 21st March 2014 3rd April 2014 4th April 2014
Airline Services & Logistics 12 kobo Nil 19th – 23rd May 2014 12th June 2014 13th June 2014
Aluminium Extrusion 7.5 kobo Nil 28th July 2014 8th August 2014 11th August 2014
Ashaka Cement 42 kobo Nil 28th April – 2nd May 2014 17th June 2014 18th June, 2014
Berger Paints 70 kobo Nil 2nd – 6th June 2014 17th July, 2014 22nd July 2014
Beta Glass 38 kobo Nil 5th – 9th May 2014 8th July 2014 9th July 2014
BOC Gases Nigeria 10 kobo Nil 27th – 30th May 2014 26th June 2014 7th July 2014
C & I Leasing ​4 kobo Nil ​11th – 15th August 2014 14th August 201418th August 2014
Cadbury N1.30 Nil 9th – 11th April 2014 13th May 2014 14th May 2014
​CAP (Interim)​N1.50​Nil​4th – 6th November 2014​N/A​19th November 2014​
CAP N1.00 Nil 20th – 23rd May 2014 19th June 2014 20th June 2014
Capital Hotel 5 kobo Nil 9th – 13th June 2014 24th June 2014 8th July, 2014
CCNN 70 kobo Nil 4th – 6th August  2014 14th August 2014 20th August 2014
Computer Warehouse Group 8 kobo Nil 17th April 2014 19th June 2014 19th June 2014
​Conoil N4.00​ Nil 1st – 5th September 2014 30th September 2014 13th October 2014
Continental Re-insurance 11 kobo Nil 4th – 8th August 2014 12th August 2014 13th August 2014
Courteville Business Solutions Plc 2 kobo Nil 13th May 2014 27th May 2014 11th June 2014
Custodian & Allied Plc​ 11 kobo Nil 7th – 11th April 2014 8th May 2014 9th May 2014
​Cutix ​12 koboNil20th – 24th October 2014 31st ​October 2014 17th November 2014
​Daar Communications  Nil ​1 for 2 ​7th November 201420th November 2014 ​N/A
Dangote Cement N7.00 Nil 22nd – 25th April 2014 2nd May 2014 5th May 2014
Dangote Sugar 60 kobo Nil 2nd May 2014 23rd May 2014 29th May 2014
Diamond Bank 30 kobo Nil 17th – 18th April 2014 24th April 2014 28th April 2014
FBN Holdings N1.10 Nil 5th May 2014 22nd May 2014 26th May 2014
FCMB Group 30 kobo Nil 19th – 23rd May, 2014 6th June, 2014 9th June, 2014
Fidelity Bank 14 kobo Nil 14th – 18th April 2014 2nd May 2014 2nd May 2014
Fidson 10 kobo Nil 7th – 11th July 2014 17th July 2014 18th July 2014
Forte Oil N4.00 Nil 10th – 12th March 2014 28th March 2014 4th April 2014
Greif Nigeria 60 kobo Nil 28th – 30th April 2014 14th May 2014 19th May 2014
GSK Nigeria N1.30 Nil 16th – 22nd May 2014 11th June 2014 12th June 2014
GTBank​ ​25 kobo Nil Nil
4th September 2014​N/A ​18th September 2014
GTBank​ N1.45 Nil 28th March 2014 14th April 2014 14th April 2014
Guinness NigeriaN3.20Nil13th – 17th October 201413th November 201414th November 2014
Honeywell Flour Mills ​17 kobo ​Nil 10th – 12th September 201416th  September 201417th September 2014
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank 3 kobo Nil 16th April 2014 13th May 2014 15th May 2014
​International Breweries ​32 kobo ​Nil ​11th – 15th Aug​. 2014 ​2nd S​eptember 2014 ​3rd September 2014
Japaul 2 kobo Nil 16th – 20th June 2014 27th June 2014 7th July 2014
Julius Berger N2.70 1 for 10 2nd – 6th June 2014 19th June 2014 21st June 2014
Lafarge Cement Wapco N3.30 Nil 28th April – 2nd May 2014 9th July, 2014 10th July 2014
Learn Africa 12 kobo Nil 12th – 16th May 2014 5th June 2014 6th June 2014
Mansard Insurance 4 kobo Nil 11th April 2014 24th April 2014 24th April 2014
Mcnichols Consolidated 3 kobo Nil 17th April 2014 17th July 2014 25th July 2014
Mobil Oil N6.00 Nil 29th – 30th April 2014 28th May 2014 4th June 2014
MRS Oil 74.96 kobo Nil 14th – 18th July 2014 7th August 2014 8th August 2014
NAHCO 30 kobo Nil 19th – 23rd May 2014 27th June 2014 27th June 2014
National Salt Company of Nig 90 kobo Nil 10th – 11th June 2014 19th June 2014 22nd June 2014
Neimeth Pharmaceuticals Nil 1 for 5 12th February 2014 17th March 2014 N/A
NEM Insurance6 koboNil18th - 21st November, 2014 ​27th November, 2014 ​4th December, 2014​
NEM Insurance 6 kobo Nil 10th – 15th January, 2014 30th January 2014 4th February, 2014
Nestle NigeriaN10.00 Nil ​24th – 28th November 2014N/A ​8th December 2014
Nestle Nigeria N24.00 Nil 28th April 2014 12th May 2014 13th May 2014
Niger Insurance 3 kobo Nil 24th Dec – 2nd Jan 2014 14th January 2014 16th January 2014
Niger Insurance 3.5 kobo Nil 21st – 25th July 2014 31st July 2014 4th August 2014
Nigerian Breweries N4.50 Nil 6th – 12th March 2014 14th May 2014 15th May 2014
​​Nigerian Breweries (Interim) ​N1.25 ​Nil ​​13th-19th November 2014 ​N/A ​20th November 2014
​​Nigeria Energy Sector Fund​N92.00​Nil​1st December 2014​N/A​3rd December 2014
​Nigeria Enamelware​45 kobo​Nil​8th – 12th December 2014​18th December 2014​19th December 2014
​Nigeria Energy Sector Fund ​N92.00 ​NIl1st December 2014


​3rd December 2014​
Northern Nigeria Flour Mills ​40 kobo ​Nil ​18th – 22nd August 2014 ​9th September 201418​th September 2014
NPF Microfinance Bank​ 10 kobo Nil 9th – 13th June 2014 26th June 2014 27th June 2014
​Oando ​30 Kobo ​Nil ​2nd October, 2014 ​To be advised ​17th November, 2014
​Oando (Interim) ​70 Kobo ​Nil ​18th November, 2014 ​N/A ​15th December, 2014
Okomu N1.00 Nil​ 13th – 16th May 2014 11th June 2014 16th June 2014
Paints & Coatings Manufacturers 8 kobo Nil 3rd – 4th April 2014 21st May 2014 7th July 2014
Presco 10 kobo Nil 7th – 9th July 2014 22nd July 2014 24th July 2014
PZ Cussons61 koboNil22nd - 26th September 20149th October 201413th October 2014
PZ Cussons (interim dividend) 19.91 kobo Nil 3rd – 4th February 2014 N/A 12th February 2014
PZ Cussons (Special Dividend) N1.30 Nil 3rd – 4th March 13th March 2014 17th March 2014
Redstar Express 35 kobo Nil 28th – 31st July 2014 14th August 2014 25th August 2014
​Roads Nigeria ​60 kobo 1 for 4 ​19th – 25th September​ 25th September, 2014 ​6th October 2014
​Royal Exchange ​5 kobo ​Nil ​15th – 19th September24th September, 201429th September ,2014
SCOA 15 kobo Nil 17th – 20th June 2014 3rd July 2014 24th July 2014
Seplat Petroleum (Interim) ​N9.30 ​Nil ​7th November 2014 ​N/A ​24th November 2014​
Seven-Up Bottling Co. N2.50 Nil 14th – 25th July 2014 24th September 2014​ 30th September 2014
Skye Bank 30 kobo Nil 15th May 2014 28th May 2014 29th May 2013
Smart Products 22.5 kobo Nil 3rd – 10th July 2014 30th July, 2014 11th August 2014
Stanbic IBTC Holdings (Interim Div) ​N1.10 Nil 5th August 2014
21st August 2014 ​26th August 2014
Stanbic IBTC Holdings 10 kobo Nil 17th April 2014 21st August, 2014 26th August 2014
Sterling Bank 25 kobo Nil 14th – 18th April 2014 30th April 2014 30th April 2014
Total Nigeria (Interim)N2.00Nil1st – 5th December 2014​N/A15th December 2014
Total N9.00 Nil 22nd – 28th April, 2014 13th June, 2014 16th June, 2014
Trans Nationwide Express 10 kobo Nil 21st – 25th July, 2014 31th July, 2014 14th August, 2014
Transcorp 5 kobo Nil 10th – 14th March 2014 31st March 2014 1st April 2014
Triple Gee 2 kobo Nil 25th September 2014 22nd – 24th Sept 2014 10th October 2014
UACN N1.75 Nil 5th – 9th May 2014 25th June 2014 26th June 2014
UACN Property Dev. Co. Plc 70 kobo 1 for 4

Dividend: 6th May 2014

Bonus: 13th May 2014

4th June 2014 5th June 2014
UBA 50 kobo Nil 14th April, 2014 25th April, 2014 28th April, 2014
UB​A Capital 25 kobo Nil 22nd – 25th April 2014 29th April 2014 6th May 2014
Unilev​er N1.25 Nil 14th – 22nd April 2014 15th May 2014 16th May 2014
Union Homes REITS N2.41 Nil 17th – 21st March 2014 27th March 2014 3rd April 2014
University Press 35 kobo Nil 1st – 4th September 2014 25th September 2014 25th September 2014
Vitafoam Nigeria 30 kobo Nil 17th – 21st February 2014 6th March 2014 10th March, 2014
Zenith Bank N1.75 Nil 24th – 28th March 2014 2nd April 2014 4th April 2014