​​​​​​​​​​​​​WAYS OF LISTING
Dynamic Market Place
The appropriate route to listing is an important consideration for companies considering offering securities on the NSE. The following routes are open to companies seeking to list on the NSE:

The conventional route is to float an Initial Public Offering (IPO) whereby the general public can subscribe to your shares in the primary market. Shares are usually offered to the public using either or both of the following processes: 
  • An offer for subscription is the release of the unissued portion of your authorised share capital for purchase by the public. In the case of this type of offer, the capital raised goes into the account of the company.

  • An offer for sale is the offering of already issued and paid up shares of the company to the public by current shareholders. Because the capital raised goes to the selling shareholders, initial shareholders or promoters often explore this option as a way to cash out their investment. 
In either case, or in the case of a hybrid offering, the shares released in the course of the offering will afterwards be listed on the NSE.

The company may also consider listing by introduction, a process whereby the shares of a company are listed on an exchange without a prior IPO. However, such a company usually would have raised capital prior to applying to list; it also must meet the listing requirements, including a minimum number of public shareholders (300 to list on the Main Board and 51 to list on the ASeM) and minimum public float (20% for the Main Board and 15% for ASeM) among several other other requirements.​

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