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The Nigerian Stock Exchange aims at informing investors on capital markets, securities traded, investor protection and improving financial education.​

Notice of Default in Filing Audited Financial Statements
Circular on International Standards on Auditing (ISA) 701 - Key Audit Matter
Circular on Suspension of the FRC Code of Corporate Governance
Notification and Invitation for Comments - Additions to Issuers' Rules - December 2016
Circular on FRC National Code of Corporate Governance in Nigeria
Circular on Transitional Concessions Agreed Between NSE and FRC
Notification of Amendment of Index Circuit Breakers' Rule and Effective Date - 5 Feb 2016
Notice to the Market on the Rulebook of The Exchange 2015
Notification of Revised Draft Rules for Filing of Accounts and Treatment of Default Filing & Invitation for Comments
Notice of Extended Filing Date to Listed Entities
Notice of Deferral of Effective Date of Listings Rule Titled “Request For Suspension at the Instance of the Issuer
Notice of Effective Date of Article 23 of Amendments to Listings Rules
Notice of Stay of Action on Penalties for Non-Payment of Annual Listings Fees
Notification of Draft Rules Governing the Listing of Sukuk and Debt Securities and Invitation for Comments
New Filing Calendar
Notification of New Rules and Invitation for Comments​
Notification of New Rules of The NSE