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Get access to capital through listing on a well regulated, efficient and attractive marketplace. The Nigerian Stock Exchange is home to the largest economy in Africa and provides issuers seeking to raise capital, direct access to African and international investors. Whether you are issuing Federal Government bonds, State Government bonds, Corporate bonds, Supranational bonds or Eurobonds, NSE offers an attractive listing centre combined with efficient and state-of-the-art trading engine.​ ​

Greater visibility and enhanced brand recognition
Unparalleled access to global investor​ base​
Streamlined and efficient listing process​
Transparent and cost effective listing fees​
The Nigerian Stock Exchange is a member of the World Federation of Exchanges, the African Stock Exchanges Association and the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative. NSE has signed relevant agreements to facilitate cross-listings with other exchanges. Through these membersh​ips and partnerships, th​​e NSE provides issuers more visibility and price discovery on listed bonds. ​​
Raise capital in a cost-effective and efficient way and further enhance your brand recognition by listing your bonds on The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).​
 ​Li​sting Fees
The table below presen​ts The Nigerian Stock Exchange's basic listing fees structure.​
Pr​​oduct/Tr​​ansaction Type ​​ Charges/Basis of Computation
Application Fees​​Bond
Corporate Bonds (exclusively listed on NSE) with existing Equity Listing: 0.01%​
Corporate Bonds (Dual listing) with existing Equity Listing: 0.0375%
Other Corporate Bonds: 0.0375%
State & Supranational Bonds: 0.05%​
Equity & Exchange Traded Fund0.3% of value
ASeMN100,000.00 Flat
Listing Fees​Main BoardCapitalization per Market Capit​alisation Metrics ​table/schedule (MARKET CAPITALISATION METRICS
ASeMN200,000.00 Flat
Delisting Fee0.3% of minority shares /(NCI)
Block Divestment0.5% of  value
NCI: Non-Controlling Interest​
Please not that Application Fee is non-refundable​
​​  ​

Thinking of listing a bond? ​
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Secondary ​Market Department​
The Nigerian Stock Exchange
Custom Street, Lagos
Tel: +234-1-4489363, +234-1-4489373 ​
Call Center: 0700CALLNSE (07002255673) 

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