Products for every Risk Profile
​The NSE currently offers ad-hoc training for all external audiences—market operators and investors who show interest in knowing more about the Exchange and the Nigerian capital market. Although this is not one of the exchange’s primary services, it is an important requirement, given the role the Exchange plays in the capital market. By enabling the acquisition of knowledge and skills, the Exchange is investing in specific useful competencies that will positively impact on t​he growth of the capital market.​

Below are some of the trainings offered by The NSE.

​1.    Certificate Program for Market Operators (Compliance Officers of Dealing Firms)
This program has five (5) Modules which include:
Module 1: The role and responsibilities of Compliance Officers in the Capital Market 
Module 2: Compliance risk based monitoring programmes
Module 3: Conduct of business obligations of a Broker dealer firm 
Module 4: Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing
Module 5: Capital Market Operations

2. Automated Trading System (ATS) Certification Program for Unauthorized Clerks of Dealing Firms.
This program qualifies successful candidates to trade on the floors of The Nigerian Stock Exchange.
The program outline includes the following:
Forty (40) days of attachment on the trading floor
Three (3) days of practical mock trading with the computers
One (1) hour written examination
Oral Examination for successful candidates of the written examination
Induction of successful candidates (Authorized Clerks)
3. Certificate Program for Capital Market Correspondents and Financial Journalists
This program prepares journalists interested in covering the capital market to have a better understanding of the workings of the capital market and how to objectively and factually report. The program outline includes:
Understanding the Nigerian Capital Market
Reporting the stock market objectively
The place of financial data in capital market reporting​ ​​​​