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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Listing Your Company​

Products for every Risk Profile
​​​​Are you looking for a reliable, efficient and adaptable exchange hub in Africa, with global standards to list your company? Simply list your shares on The Nigerian Stock Exchange and get access to domestic as well as international sources of capital. ​ ​

​Achieve greater visibility and enhanced brand recognition. 
Access to growth-enabling capital​​ from a broad investor base. ​
Go public and become a listed member of the NSE All-Share I​ndex
E​nhanced incentives to improve culture ​& workforce loyalty
With its experience and technology capabilities, NSE is well-positioned to serve domestic and international companies (mid-cap companies to established businesses) seeking to fund an expansion strategy. NSE is committed to partnering with its listed companies before, during and after listing to deliver benefits.  

We have made the processes involving listing on the NSE more efficient and cost-effective by streamlining the approval process between the SEC and the NSE.  SeeFAQs on Streamlining Listing Process
Wherever you are in your growth phase, whatever the funding needs, there’s an available market​! The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) lists companies on three boards: Premium Board, Main Board and the Alternative Securities Market (ASeM), which are governed by the NSE listing rules​. The board your company lists on depends on its size, scope and growth stage.
 ​Listing Fees
The table below presen​ts The Nigerian Stock Exchange's basic listing fees structure.​
Pr​​oduct/Tr​​ansaction Type ​​ Charges/Basis of Computation
Application Fees​​ Bond
Corporate Bonds (exclusively listed on NSE) with existing Equity Listing: 0.01%​
Corporate Bonds (Dual listing) with existing Equity Listing: 0.0375%
Other Corporate Bonds: 0.0375%
State & Supranational Bonds: 0.05%​
Equity & Exchange Traded Fund 0.3% of value
ASeM N100,000.00 Flat
Listing Fees​ Main Board Capitalization per Market Capitalisation Metrics ​table/schedule (MARKET CAPITALISATION METRICS
ASeM N200,000.00 Flat
Delisting Fee 0.3% of minority shares /(NCI)
Block Divestment 0.5% of  value
NCI: Non-Controlling Interest​
Please not that Application Fee is non-refundable​

Thinking of listing your company? 
We are happy to help - talk to us about your options​
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Tel: +234-1-4489363, +234-1-4489373 ​
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