Compan​yDividend/ShareBonusClosure of RegisterAGM DatePayment Date
Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund N28.00Nil Not ApplicableNot Applicable12th April 2019
Neimeth Pharmaceutical Int'l PlcNil1 for 1018th – 23rd January 20196th February 2019                           N/A
SIAML Pension ETF 40 N1.17Nil25th January 2019N/A28th January 2019
Vitafoam Nigeria Plc N0.251 for 518th – 22nd February 20197th March 2019 8th March 2019
Transcorp Hotels Plc N0.15Nil28th February – 1st March 201915th March 2019                   19th March 2019
Transnational Corporation of Nig. Plc N0.03Nil1st - 5th March 201915th March 2019                    19th March 2019
Nigerian Breweries Plc N1.83Nil7th -13th March 201917th May 2019                        20th May 2019
Zenith Bank Plc (final dividend) N2.50Nil 11th – 15th March 201918th March 201918th March 2019
United Capital Plc N0.30Nil14th – 20th March 201928th March 20192nd April 2019
Africa Prudential Plc N0.50Nil 14th – 20th March 201926th March 201926th March 2019
Seplat Petroleum Dev. Com. PlcUS$0.05 (N15.32)Nil 21st March 201916th May 201923rd May 2019
Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc N1.50Nil21st   - 28th March 2019 19th June 201920th June 2019
UBA Plc N0.65Nil3rd  - 9th  April 201923rd April 201923rd April 2019
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc N2.45Nil                                       9th April 201918th April 201918th April 2019
McNichols Consolidated Plc N0.05Nil9th – 15th April 201916th April 201926th April 2019
Access Bank Plc N0.25Nil12th April 201925th April 201925th April 2019
Custodian Investment Plc N0.35Nil12th – 17th April 201924th April 201924th April 2019
FCMB Group Plc N0.14Nil12th – 18th April 201926th April 201929th April 2019
Fidelity Bank Plc N0.11Nil15th – 19th April 201926th April 201926th April 2019
Unilever of Nigeria Plc N1.50Nil15th – 23rd  April 20199th May 201910th May 2019
Fidson Healthcare Plc N0.15Nil18th – 24th April 2019To be announcedTo be announced
Chams Plc N0.03Nil18th – 24th April 2019To be announced To be announced
May and Baker Plc N0.20Nil23rd – 26th April 201930th May 20193rd June 2019
Total Nigeria Plc N14.00Nil23rd – 29th April 201927th June 201928th June 2019
GlaxoSmithKilne Consumer Nig. Plc N0.50Nil24th April – 6th May 201923rd May 201924th May 2019
Capital Hotel Plc N0.05Nil24th – 29th April 20192nd May 20199th May 2019
FBN Holdings Plc N0.26Nil24th – 29th April 20193rd May 20196th May 2019
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Plc N0.03Nil 25th April – 9th May 201916th May 201923rd May 2019
Newrest ASL Nigeria Plc N0.20Nil29th April –  3rd May 201915th May 2019                    16th  May 2019
Berger Paints Plc N0.65Nil29th April – 3rd May 201923rd May 201924th May 2019
Wema Bank Plc N0.03Nil 29th  April – 6th May 20198th May 201913th May 2019
11 Plc (Formerly Mobil Oil Nig. Plc) N8.25Nil3rd – 10th May 201916th May 201917th May 2019
Portland Paints and Products Nig. Plc N0.05Nil6th – 10th May 201930th May 201931st May 2019
Prestige Assurance Plc N0.03Nil6th – 10th May 201929th July 19 31st July 19
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc N0.02Nil7th – 13th May 201921st May 201921st  May 2019
Caverton Offshore Support Group Plc N0.25Nil8th May 201921st May 201921st May 2019
AIICO Insurance Plc N0.06Nil10th – 17th May 201920th May 201920th May 2019
Nestle Nigeria Plc N38.50Nil13th – 17th May 201928th May 201929th May 2019
Veitva Griffin 30 ETF                     N0.27Nil                                   Not Applicable                 Not Applicable                              31st May 2019
Regency Alliance Insurance Plc N0.03Nil 13th – 17th May 201918th June 201919th June 2019
Eterna Plc N0.25Nil14th – 17th May 201913th June 201914th June 2019
Okomu Oil Palm Plc N3.00Nil14th  - 17th May 201913th June 201920th June 2019
Cadbury Nigeria Plc N0.25Nil20th – 24th May 201921st June 201924th June 2019
UAC of Nigeria Plc N0.64Nil21st – 24th May 201926th June 201927th June 2019
CAP Plc N2.90Nil27th – 31st May 201920th June 201921st June 2019
NASCON Allied Industries Plc N1.00Nil31stMay – 3rd June 201913th June 201917th June 2019
Vetiva S&P Nig. Sovereign Bond ETF N13.00Nil31st May 2019Not Applicable7th June 2019
Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc N1.10Nil3rd – 5th June 201918th June 201919th June 2019
Law Union & Rock Insurance Plc N0.02Nil3rd – 7th June 201925th June 201926th June 2019
NEM Insurance Plc N0.13Nil3rd – 7th June 201925th June 201925th June 2019
Julius Berger Nig. Plc N2.00Nil3rd – 7th June 2019 20th June 201921st June 2019
The Initiates Plc N0.05Nil3rd – 7th June 2019To be announcedTo be announced
BOC Gases Nigeria Plc N0.40Nil3rd – 10th June 201920th June 201921st June 2019
Forte Oil Plc N1.15Nil6th  – 7th June 2019Not Applicable10th June 2019
Dangote Cement Plc N16.00Nil6th– 10th June 201917th June 2019 18th June 2019
Beta Glass Nigeria Plc N1.30Nil17th – 21st June 20194th July 20195th July 2019
Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund N28.22 per unitNilNot Applicable Not Applicable12th  July 2019
Aluminium Extrusion Ind. Plc N0.085Nil17th – 21st June 201930th  August 20192nd September 2019
Smart Products Plc N0.15Nil1st – 5th July 201929th August 20195th September 2019
Cement Coy. of Northern Nig. Plc N0.40Nil2nd – 8th July 201925th July 201926th July 2019
Presco Plc N2.00Nil8th – 10th July 201924th July 201929th July 2019
NPF Microfinance Bank Plc N0.05Nil8th – 12th July 201925th July 201925th July 2019
Nigerian Aviation Handling Coy Plc N0.25Nil9th – 11th July 201926th July 201926th July 2019
C & I Leasing Plc N0.075Nil15th – 19th July 201930th July 201931st July 2019
Redstar Express Plc N0.43koboNil17th – 19th July 20198th August 201915th August 2019
Academy Press Plc N0.05koboNil 5th – 9th August 201919th September 201926th September 2019
Conoil Plc N2.00koboNil5th – 9th August 201916th August 201923rd August 2019
MTN Communications Nigeria Plc N2.95koboNil9th – 13th August 2019Not Applicable16th August 2019
RAK Unity Petroleum Company Plc N0.10koboNil15th  – 16th August 2019Not Applicable23rd August 2019
Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc N1.20koboNil15th – 16th August 20194th September 20196th September 2019
Ikeja Hotel Plc N0.03koboNil19th – 22nd  August 2019Not Applicable                       28 August 2019
Custodian Investment Plc N0.10koboNil19th – 23rd August 2019Not Applicable5 September 2019
Lasaco Assurance Plc N0.05koboNil19th – 23rd August 20198th October 201911th October 2019
SIAML Pension ETF 40 N3.28koboNil26th August 2019Not Applicable30th August 2019
Stanbic IBTC ETF 30 N2.36koboNil26th August 2019Not Applicable30th August 2019
Zenith Bank Plc N0.30koboNil30th August 2019Not Applicable2nd September 2019
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc N0.30koboNil
27th August 2019 (GDR)
3rd September 2019 (Ord. Shares)  
Not Applicable11th September 2019
University Press Plc N0.15koboNil2nd – 6th September 201926th September 201926th September 2019
Tripple Gee & Company Plc N0.05koboNil2nd – 6th September 201916th September 201918th September 2019
Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc N1.00kNil5th – 11th September 2019Not Applicable3rd October 2019
United Bank for Africa Plc N0.20kNil13th September 2019Not Applicable18th September 2019
Learn Africa Plc N0.15koboNil23rd - 27th September 201917th October 201918th October 2018
Guinness Nigeria Plc N1.52koboNil23rd -27th September 201923rd October 201924th October 2019
Access Bank Plc N0.25kobo 24th September 2019Not Applicable3rd October 2019
Lotus Halal Fixed Income N28.46koboNilNot ApplicableNot Applicable11 October 2019
Skye Shelter Fund N7.00koboNil14th – 18th October 201925th October 201925th October 2019
PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc N0.15koboNil14th - 18th October 201929th October 201930th October 2019
Cutix Plc N0.125KoboNil14th – 18th October 201925th October 201930th October 2019
UPDC Real Estate Investment Trust N0.26koboNil29th October – 5th November 2019Not Applicable5th November 2019
UPDC Real Estate Investment Trust N0.32KoboNil29th October – 5th  November 2019Not Applicable5th November 2019
​​ Last updated: October 11, 2019 


Company Dividend/Share Bonus Closure of Register AGM Date Payment Date
Vitafoam Nigeria Plc N0.15Nil19th – 23rd February 20188th March 20189th March 2018
Nigeria Energy Sector Fund N102Nil19th – 23rd February 2018N/A23rd February 2018
Nigerian Breweries Plc N3.13Nil7th – 13th March 201820th April 201823rd April 2018
Transcorp Hotels Plc N0.1245Nil7th March 201816th March 201819th March 2018
Total Nigeria Plc N14Nil19th –23rd March 201821st June 201822nd June 2018
Africa Prudential Plc N0.40Nil13th – 19th March 201827th March 201827th March 2018
United Capital Plc N0.35Nil9th – 15th March 201823rd March 201828th March 2018
Nestle Nigeria Plc N27.50Nil7th – 11th May 201822nd May 201823rd May 2018
Medview Airline Plc N0.03Nil21st  –27th March 201828th March 20183rd April 2018
NASCON Allied Industries Plc N1.50Nil  20th – 23rd April 20183rd May 20188th May 2018
Zenith Bank Plc N2.45Nil        4th – 9th April 201813th April 201813th April 2018
McNichols Consolidated Plc N0.03Nil20th – 23rd  March 201819th April 201824th April 2018
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc N2.40Nil            28th March 201810th April 201810th April 2018
Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc N0.50Nil29th March ­– 5th April 201819th June 201820th June 2018
Julius Berger Nigeria Plc N1.00Nil4th – 6th June 201821st June 201822nd June 2018
Dangote Cement Plc N10.50Nil16th – 20th April 201820th June 201821st June 2018
Access Bank Plc N0.40Nil13th – 18th April 201825th April 201825th April 2018
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nig. Plc(Special Dividend) N7.10
(Normal Dividend): N0.40
Nil24th April 2018 – 4th May 201824th May 201825th May 2018
Custodian & Allied Plc N0.32Nil12th – 17th April 201824th April 201824th April 2018
Cadbury Nigeria Plc N0.16Nil11th – 15th June 20186th July 20189th July 2018
UBA Plc N0.65Nil10th April 201823rd April 201823rd April 2018
MRS Oil PlcNil1 for 52nd – 6th July 20181st August 2018Not Applicable
Continental Re-Insurance Plc N0.14Nil16th – 20th April 201825th April 201826th April 2018
CAP Plc N2.05Nil28th May 2018 – 1st June 201813th June 201814th June 2018
AXA-Mansard Insurance Plc N0.06Nil24th April 201810th May 201810th May 2018
Newrest ASL Plc N0.18Nil12th – 15th June 201827th June 201828th June 2018
11 Plc (Formerly Mobil Oil Plc) N8.00Nil   28th May – 1 June 201828th June 20182nd July 2018
Dangote Flour Mills Plc N0.20Nil23rd – 27th April 201822nd June 201827th June 2018
UAC of Nigeria Plc N0.65Nil15th – 18th May 201820th June 201821st June 2018
Pharma-Deko Plc N0.05Nil7th – 11th May 201822nd May 201823rd May 2018
Law Union & Rock Insurance Plc N0.04Nil27th  April 2018 – 2nd May 20183rd May 20185th May 2018
May & Baker Nigeria Plc N0.20Nil23rd – 27th  April 201831st May 20186th June 2018
FCMB Group Plc N0.10Nil13th – 19th April 201827th April 201830th April 2018
Lafarge Africa Plc(Dividend from Pioneer Profit)  N1.50Nil23rd – 27th April 201816th May 201816th May 2018
Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc N0.02Nil18th – 24th April 201830th April 20182nd May 2018
Okomu Oil Plc N3.00Nil15th – 18th May 201812th June 201825th June 2018
Beta Glass Plc N1.07Nil              18th – 22nd June 20185th  July 20186th  July 2018
AIICO Insurance Plc N0.05Nil21st – 23rd  May 201824th May 201825th May 2018
Unilever Nig. Plc N0.50Nil16th – 20th April 201810th May 201811th May 2018
The Frontier Fund(Proposed Coupon) N7.50Nil23rd April 2018N/A27th April 2018
Nigerian Aviation Handling Co. Plc N0.25Nil3rd – 5th July 201820th July 201820th July 2018
Regency Alliance Insurance Plc N0.03Nil30th April – 4th May 201824th May 201825th May 2018
Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc N1.25Nil16th – 20th April 201821st June 201822nd June 2018
Sterling Bank Plc N0.02Nil30th April – 4th May 201817th May 201817th May 2018
Presco Plc N2.00Nil9th – 13th July 201825th July 201826th July 2018
Rak Unity Petroleum Company Plc N0.10Nil23RD – 27TH July 201816th August 201816TH August 2018
Berger Paints Plc N0.50Nil7TH - 11TH May 20187th June 20188th June 2018
Eterna Plc N0.40Nil24TH – 28TH May 201819th June 201820th June 2018
Caverton Offshore Support Group Plc N0.15Nil26TH April 20188th May 20188th May 2018
B.O.C. Gases Plc N0.20Nil4TH – 11TH June 201828th June 201828th June 2018
Learn Africa Plc N0.14Nil9TH – 13TH July 201830th August 201831st August 2018
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc N0.02Nil7TH – 11TH May 201822ND May 201822ND May 2018
Aluminium Extrusion Industries Plc N0.085Nil13th – 17TH August 201821st September 201824th September 2018
FBN Holdings Plc N0.25Nil7th – 11th May 201815th May 201816th May 2018
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Plc N0.02Nil10th – 17th May 201824th  May 201830th May 2018
Vetiva S & P Nig. Sovereign Bond ETF N12.50Nil26th April 2018 (Record date)N/A4th May 2018
NPF Microfinance Bank Plc N0.17Nil4th – 8th June 201828th June 201828th June 2018
Fidelity Bank Plc N0.11Nil14th – 18th May 201825th May 201825th May 2018
Vetiva Griffin 30 ETF N0.25Nil26th April 2018 (Qualification date)N/A4th May 2018
Seplat Petroleum Dev. Co. PlcUS$0.05Nil 17th May 2018Interim Dividend8th June 2018
Omoluabi Mortgage Bank Plc N0.01Nil21st – 25th May 201826th July 20181st August 2018
Capital Hotel Plc N0.05Nil11th – 15th June 201827th June 20184th July 2018
Lasaco Assurance Plc N0.04Nil4TH – 8TH June 201821ST June 20185TH July 2018
Cement Company of Northern Nigeria Plc N1.25Nil19th – 22nd June 201826th July 201827th July 2018
Smart Product Nigeria Plc N0.10Nil30th July – 3rd August 201830th August 201821st September 2018
NEM Insurance Plc N0.10Nil4TH – 8TH June 201820TH June 201820TH June 2018
Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc N0.02Nil14TH – 20TH June 201827TH June 201828th June 2018
Conoil Plc N2.00Nil15TH – 22ND June 201813TH  July 201823rd July 2018
Red Star Express Plc N0.40Nil8th – 10th August 201830th August 20186th September 2018
Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc N1.00Nil6th – 10th August 201830th August 20183rd September 2018
The Initiates Plc N0.04Nil9th – 13th July 201827th July 20187th August 2018
Honeywell Flour Mills Plc N0.06Nil10th – 14th September 201820th September 201821st September 2018
University Press Plc N0.15Nil3rd – 7th September 201827th September 201827st September 2018
Triple Gee and Company Plc N0.03Nil24th – 31st August 201813th September 201820th September 2018
ABC Transport Plc N0.03Nil30th July – 3rd August 201817th August 201824th August 2018
Linkage Assurance Plc N0.05Nil14th – 21st August 201828th August 20183rd September 2018
Custodian Investment Plc(Interim Dividend) N0.10Nil20th – 24th August 2018N/A6th September 2018
Cutix Plc N0.201 for 115th - 19th October 201826th October 20186th November 2018
Zenith Bank Plc(Interim Dividend) N0.30Nil20TH August 2018N/A29th August 2018
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc(Interim Dividend) N0.30Nil16TH August 2018N/A30TH August 2018
Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc(Interim Dividend) N1.00Nil29TH August 2018N/A26TH September 2018
Fidson Healthcare Plc N0.20Nil3rd - 7th September 201825th September 201826th September 2018
Lotus Halal Exchange Traded Fund N0.24Nil28th August 2018N/A29th August 2018
Access Bank Plc(Interim Dividend) N0.25Nil12th September 2018N/A21st September 2018
UBA Plc(Interim Dividend) N0.20Nil12th September 2018N/A17th September 2018
Guinness Nigeria Plc N1.84Nil24th – 28th September 201824th October 201825th October 2018
PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc N0.15Nil24th – 28th September 201818th October 201819th October 2018
SIAML Pension ETF 40 N2.55Nil24th September 2018N/A25 September 2018
Stanbic IBTC ETF 30 N2.73Nil24th September 2018N/A25 September 2018
UPDC Real Estate Investment Trust N0.31Nil8th  – 12th  November 2018N/A16th November 2018
Total Nigeria Plc(Q3 Interim Dividend) N3.00Nil26th – 30th  November 2018N/A10th December 2018
Nigerian Breweries Plc(Q3 Interim Dividend) N0.60Nil23rd – 28th  November 2018N/A10th December 2018
Seplat Petroleum Dev. Company Plc(Q3 Interim Dividend) $0.05Nil14th November 2018N/A6th December 2018
Nestle Nigeria Plc(Q3 Interim Dividend) N20.00Nil26th – 30th  November 2018N/A10th December 2018
Prestige Assurance PlcNil41 for 10028th November – 5th December 2018                               N/AN/A
ValuAlliance Value Fund N13.00                Nil11th December 201813th December 201820th December 2018
Vetiva Griffin 30 ETF(Interim Distribution) N0.20                 Nil6th December 2018Nil14th December 2018