​​Low latency
The Nigerian Stock Exchange effectively delivers high-quality market data to consumers and vendors. The NSE offers buyers different levels of connectivity, management and performance. You may source real-time information directly from the NSE platform or indirectly through an accredited Network Partner or Market Data Vendor.

Market Data Feed (MDF)​​
This system provides customers with dedicated point-to-point connections for market data and trading activity. Customers with their own trading and information systems can connect directly to the NSE platform, where data is continuously pushed out to the customers during the course of the day. Please view our requirements documents below:​​  

​Network Service Providers (NSPs)​ 
The NSE has extended its network reach globally by partnering with accredited network partners. NSPs act as carriers of NSE information and trading services to end clients; these clients have contracted with the NSP for provision of network connectivity and signed agreements directly with the NSE for access to trading and information. End clients can receive this data in a format that they have specified or in exactly the same format as Market Data Feed users.​ 
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) 
The NSE occasionally provides data to clients via FTP or email. This method of transfer involves fewer technicalities and less testing and is usually used with end of day data. The end client can specify the means by which dumps are carried out.​

Please email us at contactcenter@nse.com.ng and a market data representative will be in touch promptly. You may also contact us at +234 (1) 448 5857 with queries or requests for further clarification. ​