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​The NSE data agreement and policies set out the terms and conditions under which persons or entities receiving NSE data may use and/or disseminate it. If you are interested in subscribing to The NSE Real Time, Delayed or End of Day Packages, simply fill out an Evaluation Form and send to marketdata@nse.com.ng.​
Non-Disclosure Agreement for StudentNon-Disclosure Agreement for Student.pdf
Non-Disclosure Agreement for ClientNon-Disclosure Agreement for Client.pdf
NSE Market Data Evaluation FormNSE Market Data Evaluation Form.pdf
NSE Index AgreementNSE Index Agreement.pdf
NSE Historical Data Request FormNSE Historical Data Request Form.pdf
NSE FIX Order Management SpecificationNSE FIX Order Management Specification.pdf
NSE FIX Market Data SpecificationNSE FIX Market Data Specification.pdf
NSE End User Computing PolicyNSE End User Computing Policy.pdf
NSE Data Agreement Print MediaNSE Data Agreement Print Media.pdf
NSE Data Agreement LocalNSE Data Agreement Local.pdf
NSE Data Agreement ForeignNSE Data Agreement Foreign.pdf
NSE Data Agreement -Broker Product DistributionNSE Data Agreement -Broker Product Distribution.pdf
NSE Data Agreement - Broker Pricelist DistributionNSE Data Agreement - Broker Pricelist Distribution.pdf
NSE Access Control PolicyNSE Access Control Policy.pdf
NSE Acceptable Use Policy for Third Party connectivity to The ExchangeNSE Acceptable Use Policy for Third Party connectivity to The Exchange.pdf
Confidential Data PolicyConfidential Data Policy.pdf