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​​“Market Making” is the act of entering bid and offer prices in the automated trading system for a specified security under the conditions stipulated by the NSE. ​

The term “market maker” refers to any dealing member of the NSE who has been appointed, and undertaken to enhance the market liquidity of a particular security in accordance with NSE rules. The primary role of a market maker is to maintain a fair and orderly market in its particular securities of responsibility and, in general, to contribute positively to the operation of the overall market. Each​ market maker must ensure that trading on its account is: ​
  • practical under the circumstances
  • consistent with just and equitable principles of trading
  • not damaging to the integrity of the NSE or the market
Types of Market Makers​

Primary Market MakerAny market maker who has been appointed by the NSE as the foremost liquidity provider for a particular security and who has undertaken to assume the role. 

Supplemental Market MakerA market maker appointed to act as a supplementary liquidity provider.