​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ISSUERS RULES & REGULATION
NSE Regulation
The Nigerian Stock Exchange is responsible for providing an efficient and well regulated market place. The  Exchange continuously monitors and enforces compliance by issuers with its Listing and Post Listing Requirements to ensure high standards of disclosure, transparency and corporate governance practices. The Exchange places significant emphasis on timeliness, adequacy and accuracy of disclosure. Where there are possible rule breaches, The Exchange will investigate and take appropriate actions.  ​​

Listings Requirements (The Green Book).pdf
Amendments to the Listings Rules.pdf
Rules for the Listing of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).pdf
Rules Governing the Use of the Issuers’ Portal.pdf
Rules Governing Transactions with Related Parties or Interested Persons.pdf
Rules Relating to Board Meetings and General Meetings of Issuers.pdf
Rules for Listing on the Premium Board.pdf
Rules for Listing of Nigerian Depositary Receipts.pdf
​​​ ​​
Amendments to Issuers Rules - Deletion of Chapter 16 on Block Divestments.pdf
Rules for Cross Border Listing.pdf
Rules for Delisting of Equity Securities from the Daily Official List of The Exchange.pdf
Rules for Listing of Sukuk and Similar Debt Securities.pdf
Rules for Listing on the Growth Board of The Nigerian Stock Exchange.pdf
Rules for Price Stabilization of Securities.pdf
Rules Governing Free Float Requirements.pdf
Rules on Filing of Accounts and Treatment of Default Filings.pdf
Rules on Release Calendar for Regulatory Announcements and Filings of Listed Companies.pdf
Rules on Suspension of Trading in Listed Securities.pdf
Sustainability Disclosure Guidelines.pdf
Proposed Rules for Filing of Financial Returns by ASeM Companies and Treatment of Default Filing - December 2016.pdf
Proposed Amendments to Premium Board Rules - November 2017.pdf
Proposed Rules for Listing of Commercial Papers on the Nigerian Stock Exchange - November 2017.pdf
Proposed Amendments to Issuers Rules - November 2017.pdf
Proposed-Rules-for-Listing-of-Special-Purpose-Vehicles-SPVs-March 2018.pdf
Proposed Amendments to Chapter 8 of the Issuers Rules - Addition of Requirements for Listing of Eurobonds - 31 May 2018.pdf
Proposed Rules for Listing of REITs on The Nigerian Stock Exchange - 31 May 2018.pdf
Proposed Rules for Listing of Closed End Funds-CEFs-3-October 2018.pdf
Proposed Amendments to Issuers Rules Chapters 17 18 19 - April 2 2019.pdf
Proposed Amendments to Issuers Rules for Listing of Unit Trusts - Chapters 5and6 -April 2 2019.pdf
Proposed Amendments to Chapter 19 Issuers Rules - Exposure for Stakeholders Comments - September 2019.pdf